Hiking Mount Rainier Trails and Staying Motivated

Mountain peeks out ahead of you on the trail.

Each weekend, we’ve been trying to go for a big hike somewhere nearby. We went to Multnomah Falls in Oregon the week before and this past weekend we went back to Mount Rainier.  Continue reading “Hiking Mount Rainier Trails and Staying Motivated”


My Challenge: Mount Rainier. Your Challenge: Get Out and Hike (and Avoid Fast Food)

me and mountain
June 15, 2013

Mount Rainier always has been our personal health challenge. Jim has been fortunate enough to hike the park more than me, and it shows. Whenever we go, he usually keeps a good clip ahead of me on the inclines, and before I started on my plant-based diet, I would have to stop a lot, gasping on the side of the trail and figuring it was just another example of weak lung capacity. Out of shape didn’t begin to describe how I was, and little wonder. No exercise and life brought to you by the Standard American Diet, heavy on microwave meals and micro-tiny salads, made for a bad hiker. Continue reading “My Challenge: Mount Rainier. Your Challenge: Get Out and Hike (and Avoid Fast Food)”

Making Plant-Strong Health a Habit

Rip Esselstyn is someone I turn to again and again for motivation, and “The Engine 2 Diet” was one of the first books after Dr. John McDougall’s work that I read that convinced me we were on the right track. Esselstyn’s talks on YouTube are awesome when it comes to healthful, plant-based eating, and can help you no matter where you are in this journey toward helping you improve your own health. He will have you cleaning out your kitchen cabinets and filling your refrigerator bins with kale in no time!