Savory Oatmeal on Meatless Monday

Savory oatmeal.
Savory oatmeal.

You hear a lot of talk about “Meatless Monday” on social media. Here’s a different recipe that is plant-based and might inspire you to branch out and go meatless on your Monday … maybe for the first time ever. This recipe is affordable, quick, and so easy that you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen now.

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Celebrating a Rainy Day: Homemade Tomato Soup and Easy Apple Cake

simple apple cake
The hardest thing to do with this apple cake is not eat the whole thing at once.

Last weekend was miserable. We got a LOT of rain, even for the Northwest. What were our rainstorms last week may be your snow or rainstorm next week, depending on where you live. I like to think most winter U.S. weather systems begin outside my kitchen window, which happens to be pointed west and is about 77 miles from the Pacific coastline, the incubator for all things winter in this region.  Continue reading “Celebrating a Rainy Day: Homemade Tomato Soup and Easy Apple Cake”

Chocolate From Beans, Really

A can of beans on a plant-based diet could stretch your food dollar more than any item in your house. From it you can make any of the following, and sometimes more than a couple of the items listed:

A bean burger.

Bean dip.

Taco filling.

Chocolate dipping sauce.


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