The Easiest Cocoa Ever, from the Laziest Vegan


This has been my weekend indulgence. Using these three items, shown above, I have been making the best cocoa ever in about 10 minutes or less on the stove. Continue reading “The Easiest Cocoa Ever, from the Laziest Vegan”


Recipe: Cold Chocolate Pudding That’s Perfect for a ‘Hot’ Day

I go through a container of this stuff each week for chocolate smoothies. Unsweetened is key, because then all that is in it is straight cocoa.

I have Dr. Neal Barnard to thank for a lot of things. He is an amazing physician and a big supporter of those who choose to go plant-based. He’s written many books, including “Foods that Fight Pain,” which pointed to me the benefits of borage oil — a miracle element for myself when I need it. Anyway, another book of his, “Breaking the Food Seduction” includes a nice chilled chocolate pudding recipe that I made this morning for dessert tonight. Continue reading “Recipe: Cold Chocolate Pudding That’s Perfect for a ‘Hot’ Day”