How’s that No-Coffee-Thing Working Out?

Yes, that’s Genmaicha tea in a Starbucks coffee mug.

I kicked my caffeine habit to the curb, as promised in an earlier post. It was not easy and, after sugar, coffee was one of the hardest things I’ve ever stopped using. I would watch and rewatch Dr. McDougall’s discussion about coffee and read other opinions. I think the coffee industry has as deep of a hold on researchers as the meat and dairy industry, because there is equal it’s bad/it’s not bad info out there that will support any view that is convenient for your particular situation. Continue reading “How’s that No-Coffee-Thing Working Out?”


Kicking a Caffeine Habit to the Curb


I’ve tried. Really. I have. The evidence is above. These were some suggestions in various forums about what you could try if you want to kick the coffee habit. And I didn’t even include Pero or Ayurvedic Coffee in the photo (those are in the cabinet.)

The good news: I’m down to one cup of coffee a day, which is fantastic given the level I used to drink it. Over the weekend, I switched to the Genmaicha tea by Choice. So far, that’s the winner for me in the morning. It feels more substantial with the brown rice (it is a mix of roasted brown rice and green tea) and has a really nice flavor. The coffees-that-aren’t-really coffees all bothered me to some degree for being either too sweet or too bitter. Many of them have a fairly strong vanilla aftertaste that reminded me of Maxwell House International Coffees, you know, the ones in the tins. I’m a Peet’s coffee drinker, so none of these seemed an adequate substitute.

I am not completely going to give up coffee forever, but for now I’m giving tea a try. I will say that I do have more energy by not drinking as much coffee — the caffeine paradox.