Hot Tea Stir Fry

Hot tea stir fry.
Hot tea stir fry.

This was a total improvisation based on an Asian brown sauce recipe I saw in the McDougall recipe forum.┬áHere is my version, using Numi’s Chinese breakfast tea, frankly because that is what I was drinking while I was cooking! Continue reading “Hot Tea Stir Fry”


Treating My Cooking Like a Pinterest Project on Evernote


My project this weekend has been to start cooking and organizing recipes from all the various cookbooks I’ve downloaded on Kindle to follow my new eating routine. My challenge has been to find a way to keep things in a standardized format. Not all recipes are easy to follow from a Kindle-published cookbook on iPad (turning pages in mid-mix is awkward) or from and iPad app that was actually designed for iPhone (locked in vertical position in super-huge type you have to keep scrolling through.) Continue reading “Treating My Cooking Like a Pinterest Project on Evernote”