The magical art of silence

I’m late to the party of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” The author already has written a sequel to her first book. Luckily, the quietude of our new surroundings (and the fact that exterior home improvement has to wait for a better month than January) is now allowing me to catch up with things I’ve meant to learn more about. This is Marie Kondo’s answer to excess: Toss almost everything and keep only what sparks joy (which may or may not spark joy tomorrow, so more stuff to toss). For many, it seems draconian. Really, it’s common sense. Her best advice is to start with culling your clothes and move up the chain of possession sentimentality; I actually think that’s smart because I lived it last year without even knowing I was practicing “KonMari.”  Continue reading “The magical art of silence”


It Started with New Floors: A Whole-House Purge Starting from the Ground Up

Our spring cleaning started with this:

Our flooring choices.
Our flooring choices.


We had decided to install new laminate flooring and carpeting in our home, at least to take care of the portions “publicly visible.” The hallway, kitchen, dining and living rooms. Doing these sections helped us sort through these rooms and do more than the usual deep cleaning. Jim tackled the cleaning. We also had these areas repainted in the same color as before. A prerequisite was moving everything out of the areas and off the walls.

I realize you either have to move out of your home entirely or go through a floor-up renovation project to become motivated to even tackle something like this, but this is our story, and maybe it will inspire you without having to buy new floors.

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