No More Pills, and Never Having to See a Rheumatologist Again


We bought a new car last week, and, as exciting as that is, that wasn’t the best thing that happened. It was one of two best things.  Continue reading “No More Pills, and Never Having to See a Rheumatologist Again”


This is What Living Plant-Strong Looks Like

Our kitchen plant loves the window so much it’s keeping the shade pulled up. Seriously.

Next to our ratty-looking kitchen towel, I found this happening by the sink. Our kitchen plant, which had pretty much grown maybe two new leaves each year, is suddenly coming to life. Maybe he’s inspired with all the plant-based debris being washed off in the sink next to him, but whatever the case, he has sent a branch up and has wrapped around the kitchen drawstring pull of the blinds, which was hanging down low one day when we were maximizing a full-sun moment.  Continue reading “This is What Living Plant-Strong Looks Like”

Friday Night Movie Idea — Juicing Your Way Back to Health

TGIF! This is the first complete week of blogging for me. In celebration, let me refer you to a movie that on the surface sounds horrible, but I promise it will be a life-changing thing for you to watch. “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” is packed with inspiration. If you follow up nothing else on this blog, at least watch this movie, available at Amazon, iTunes, Hulu or Netflix for download, or purchase the DVD. It is available for free download for Amazon Prime members, as is “Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue” and “Forks Over Knives.” A trailer for the movie is on the site below. You may call the guy yourself after seeing it to have him coach you! Or, at the very least you will dig out your blender or juicer from the dark recesses of your kitchen cabinets and put it to use.

Watch the movie!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Treating My Cooking Like a Pinterest Project on Evernote


My project this weekend has been to start cooking and organizing recipes from all the various cookbooks I’ve downloaded on Kindle to follow my new eating routine. My challenge has been to find a way to keep things in a standardized format. Not all recipes are easy to follow from a Kindle-published cookbook on iPad (turning pages in mid-mix is awkward) or from and iPad app that was actually designed for iPhone (locked in vertical position in super-huge type you have to keep scrolling through.) Continue reading “Treating My Cooking Like a Pinterest Project on Evernote”

Things Change … Such As My Diet

The big apple.

The title of this post is an inside joke in our house.

A long time ago, Jim and I drove from Kansas City to see my family in Springfield, Mo. We wanted to go to our old favorite Chinese restaurant and we had not been there in years. We drove to the site and it was … a bowling alley. We then went to look for another favorite restaurant and it was closed. He turned to me and shrugged, “Oh well. Things change.” It seemed hysterically funny at the time. And so we now say that whenever huge upheaval happens. We work through our fear and say, “Things change.” It still makes us laugh even in the worst situations because it is such a low-key thing to say amid high drama.

Anyway, things have DEFINITELY changed in our house. Continue reading “Things Change … Such As My Diet”