More juicing with Joe … my thoughts

Joe Cross is mainly the inspiration for why I own one of these:

Our trusty Hamilton Beach juicer.
Our trusty Hamilton Beach juicer.

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The bean scene

IMG_1757Every week I prepare a slow-cooker’s worth of beans. Navy, pinto and black. I add half a bag of frozen pearl onions, two dashes of cumin and maybe chili powder if I want a more chili bean base. Otherwise, I will sprinkle in just garlic and onion powder. There was a time when cooking beans without ham was unheard of in this house. Continue reading “The bean scene”

Recipe: A Quick Summer Tofu Treat

dipping cream
Strawberries in my tropical tofu cream.

Yes, I said tofu. That may not be the first thing you think about for a “summer treat,” but let me remind you, tofu is your dessert friend in a plant-based world. Silken or extra firm packed in water, you can take any kind, throw a chunk of it in the blender with some nondairy milk or water, some fruit and sweetening agent such as maple syrup or dates, and blend up a dip that is worthy of any fresh fruit. If you are planning a summer party, I promise your guests will love this, and it is ridiculously easy to make in just a few minutes. Continue reading “Recipe: A Quick Summer Tofu Treat”

Making a New Menu Plan Work

Herbs that I bought last week that I’ve yet to put in bigger pots. Maybe in July …

So my last post was all about rallying around the commitment, written as much for myself as for you. There are days where fasting actually would work better with my schedule, but I love to eat too much to take that on. I’ve had to fine-tune my ambitions for this plan. Continue reading “Making a New Menu Plan Work”

Whatever Happened to that Olive Garden Soup?

My soup for Olive Garden fans

A long time ago, Jim and I used to go to the Olive Garden for the soup and salad lunch special. I usually had soup and salad along with about 100 breadsticks. Anyway, there was a “Chicken Genovese” soup that came through for a test back in the day (say mid-1990s) that we loved. We only lucked into having it a few times, and then it vanished from the menu. Continue reading “Whatever Happened to that Olive Garden Soup?”

“But What Do You Eat?” The Answer May Surprise You

“But what do you eat?”

I’ve been asked that question more than once since switching to my plant-based, whole-food routine. My food list is not exotic. And sometimes I mix it up with Asian takeout and side dishes I make at home, such as what we did last night:



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