Grocery shopping as an experience

My bag from Main & Vine’s opening day, 2016.

Grocery shopping is a personal thing. Grocery marketers would like to think they give you an experience.

We all know why we go to specific stores. There are intangibles beyond prices and convenience that draw people in. Costco and Sam’s Club has the warehouse-bulk niche. Trader Joe’s has the specialty items. Whole Foods makes you feel like even that Mac and Cheese box you bought at its store is healthy (though maybe not). Then there is just I-need-to-get-everything-on-my-list shopping, which Walmart, Kroger and Safeway are happy to help you with. Continue reading “Grocery shopping as an experience”


Let’s talk grocery stores for a minute


Have you been to a Trader Joe’s lately?

I remember when they opened on my birthday in Olympia a few years ago. We stayed away for weeks knowing we wouldn’t be able to get into the parking lot. When we finally did go, we had to circle the lot a few times, park far away and then once inside, you had to walk. And keep walking. There were so many people it was like being in a guided art exhibit where you are allowed to linger only a few seconds on each piece. The aisles were jammed and in perpetual motion.

That is a grocery retailer’s dream scenario. Not so much for a consumer.  Continue reading “Let’s talk grocery stores for a minute”