Going Plant-Based for Health and My Results

Our groceries look a lot different now. I think the drinking straws for our smoothies are the only thing processed in this photo, except for the sugar container that has went untouched for months.

It takes some dedication to do this. To go from frozen meals, boxed cereals and boxed dinners to actually cooking vegetables, every day, is a thing. A big thing. A person could get discouraged, tired of the sink debris left behind from fruit smoothies. Or the stains that the delicious blueberries left behind, only removable with a Magic Eraser. Coming home to find that your cook-ahead plan has run out of steam is never fun, hungry while you wait for your brown rice to cook. All of these inconveniences are why the processed food industry, and restaurants, exist. But then something happens that firms your resolve. For me, it’s blood tests. Continue reading “Going Plant-Based for Health and My Results”