New job title and a blog reboot

My favorite place on Earth. Mount Rainier, 2014

Hey, I’m back! Just a quick note that I’m now reporting for my longtime employer, The News Tribune in Tacoma, after working as business section team leader since 2011. Our newsroom is changing, and I asked to change along with it. Here’s my (sort of) first bylined report. I’ve gone by another moniker “Staff Report” in the past when I was section editor and needed to write about gas prices and such.

The story below is not for those fit and trim seniors, of which maybe there are a handful in the country. This is for the rest of us, seniors or not, as a reminder to keep moving and get out there and hike according to your ability like your life depended on it, because it does.

And for the regular readers of this blog (sorry it’s taken so long to get back) I’ve got some catching up to do with you, I realize that. More to come. Soon.


More Plant-Based Diet Lessons from 2013 (With Links for More Information)

A winter meal of beans, greens and tofu.

Happy last day of 2013! I wrote a few days ago about lessons I’d learned going plant-based this year, and thought of even more things as we head into 2014. Here are more things I remember looking back at my year of eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Continue reading “More Plant-Based Diet Lessons from 2013 (With Links for More Information)”

Going Plant-Based in 2013 — Lessons I Learned

Some post-Christmas glow in our living room.

2013 was not the year I expected to have. At all. I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to address anything about my health. Maybe I thought about exercising more, but that was it. All I knew was that I couldn’t stay on my arthritis medication forever, and little did I know how fast I’d give it up. My own story might help inspire you if you want to make changes for 2014. You could surprise yourself at having the best year ever. That’s not hyperbole, that is exactly what 2013 turned out to be health-wise for me. Continue reading “Going Plant-Based in 2013 — Lessons I Learned”

Reflection Lake Trail Hike, October 2013

Obviously a popular photo spot, and this is just the view from the parking lot. The views only get better, but we noticed that not many people leave this area to explore further.

A few weeks ago, we went to Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier for a hike. It was my first hike after the park reopened from the federal shutdown. Continue reading “Reflection Lake Trail Hike, October 2013”

‘Why Do You Work So Hard to be Plant-Based?’ The Great Blueberry Payoff

Picking fresh blueberries in Rochester, Wash.

I will be the first to admit that achieving whole-foods, plant-based meal planning at first may seem overwhelming. I don’t know if I’ve gotten used to all of the food prep, but it really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal now. Continue reading “‘Why Do You Work So Hard to be Plant-Based?’ The Great Blueberry Payoff”

It Pays to Pay Attention to Food Labels

So I am part of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. So far, it’s worked well to offload a lot of rudimentary shopping, so I don’t have to go for weekly store runs for toilet paper or hand soap. However, you may experience a manufacturer changing things when it comes to how a product is made, particularly a canned food item. Continue reading “It Pays to Pay Attention to Food Labels”

Going Plant-Based to Fight Pain

Giant radishes in my Full Circle order last week.

I thought Dr. Michael Greger’s blog on Thursday was interesting about Fibromyalgia and diet. In it he writes:

The vegan “Hallelujah diet” appeared to perform the best. When the study was reviewed in the journal Current Rheumatology Reports, the editor noted that it had the most impressive results of any recent fibromyalgia treatment study—three times the improvement that the Mayo Clinic was reporting for their fibromyalgia program. True, it was not a double-blind placebo controlled study, but it’s difficult to design such a study when it comes to diet, since people tend to notice when they’ve been switched to a vegan diet!

You can check out the “Hallelujah diet” on the link above. Though that’s not my program, the longer I do my own thing, the more I see not only the benefits but I am reminded of why I do it. And this link about rheumatoid arthritis complications shows how important it is to keep inflammation to the lowest level as possible, and how plant-based dietary habits with a focus on heart health can be extremely beneficial for RA patients.