New Twist on Bean Salad

Mashed beans, salsa and millet served on top of salad.
Mashed beans, salsa and millet served on top of salad.

I fixed a huge pot of Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean Soup on New Year’s Day, mainly because it had black-eyed peas in it along with the 12 other beans. I’m not a fan of black-eyed peas, but when you surround them with lentils, kidney beans, black beans and other beans, they are OK. Even as good as the soup was, I was done with it by Day 2 and needed a plan to use up the rest of the beans.  Continue reading “New Twist on Bean Salad”


Impromptu Quick and Easy Plant-Based Breakfast

tofu scramble and oatmeal
No eggs, this is tofu scramble with garlic scapes and fresh ground pepper!

I fixed Jim tofu scramble this morning because 1. I have the day off. 2. I had extra tofu that I needed to use up. 3. I had garlic scapes from my last Full Circle order. As I discovered this is a perfect use for the scapes — it’s like adding garlic and green onion with one condiment. Jim loved it with his blueberry oatmeal (a plate of heated blueberries mixed in with his oatmeal — pretty much his breakfast every morning).

I’ve written about tofu scramble before, and it always amazes me each time I make it how fast it can be prepared. Really, it takes about 3 minutes on medium-high heat and it tastes great. I use Mori-Nu Extra Firm tofu and it works fine. You can add any seasoning imaginable, just like you would fix eggs. The difference is cleanup is a breeze and no messy shells to deal with. If you haven’t tried it yet, go for it! I use Lindsay Nixon’s recipe and it is about as easy as it gets.

Happy Herbivore’s Tofu Scramble

Recipe: Cold Chocolate Pudding That’s Perfect for a ‘Hot’ Day

I go through a container of this stuff each week for chocolate smoothies. Unsweetened is key, because then all that is in it is straight cocoa.

I have Dr. Neal Barnard to thank for a lot of things. He is an amazing physician and a big supporter of those who choose to go plant-based. He’s written many books, including “Foods that Fight Pain,” which pointed to me the benefits of borage oil — a miracle element for myself when I need it. Anyway, another book of his, “Breaking the Food Seduction” includes a nice chilled chocolate pudding recipe that I made this morning for dessert tonight. Continue reading “Recipe: Cold Chocolate Pudding That’s Perfect for a ‘Hot’ Day”

Find Your Comfort Food: Vegan Recipe to Battle a Pizza Craving

I actually read the “find your comfort food tip” in this post at Seattle Vegan Score about thriving as a vegan. This tip goes perfectly with my new favorite comfort food. I have been craving pizza, though without the oil and cheese and assorted metric ton of calories in each slice of a traditional pizza. So here was the inspiration that struck me this week. Continue reading “Find Your Comfort Food: Vegan Recipe to Battle a Pizza Craving”