New job title and a blog reboot

My favorite place on Earth. Mount Rainier, 2014

Hey, I’m back! Just a quick note that I’m now reporting for my longtime employer, The News Tribune in Tacoma, after working as business section team leader since 2011. Our newsroom is changing, and I asked to change along with it. Here’s my (sort of) first bylined report. I’ve gone by another moniker “Staff Report” in the past when I was section editor and needed to write about gas prices and such.

The story below is not for those fit and trim seniors, of which maybe there are a handful in the country. This is for the rest of us, seniors or not, as a reminder to keep moving and get out there and hike according to your ability like your life depended on it, because it does.

And for the regular readers of this blog (sorry it’s taken so long to get back) I’ve got some catching up to do with you, I realize that. More to come. Soon.


Hiking in Washington state and RA update

We have been on some incredible hikes this week, and this also has been the summer my RA decided to revisit and remind me it’s not going away in such simple fashion. But first, the hiking adventures: Continue reading “Hiking in Washington state and RA update”

Back in the Hiking Groove

Trees on the trail, Mount Rainier National Park, April 2014.
Trees on the trail, Mount Rainier National Park, April 2014.

Earlier this month, we had unseasonably clear and warm days at Mount Rainier. So we celebrated by hiking. I felt better starting out this year than last year, with a full year of plant-based eating under my belt (literally!) The hike went well and I had good energy through the whole trip. Continue reading “Back in the Hiking Groove”

Reflection Lake Trail Hike, October 2013

Obviously a popular photo spot, and this is just the view from the parking lot. The views only get better, but we noticed that not many people leave this area to explore further.

A few weeks ago, we went to Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier for a hike. It was my first hike after the park reopened from the federal shutdown. Continue reading “Reflection Lake Trail Hike, October 2013”

Hiking Multnomah Falls in Oregon

One of the “smaller” falls at Multnomah Falls park.

Yes, we did. That was my goal after completing some trails at Mount Rainier. Mind you, I’m coming back from years of inactivity, so the video below, when you see me hiking with my trekking poles, it’s because my knees feel way better after the hike when I use them. Continue reading “Hiking Multnomah Falls in Oregon”

Back to the Mountain for a Hike and My Next Challenge: Multnomah Falls

mountain July 20Saturday was a gorgeous day at Mount Rainier. We left our house late, around 11 a.m., and by the time we got to Eatonville the clouds had dissipated, and it was soon a blue-sky day. We then set off for another challenging hike. Continue reading “Back to the Mountain for a Hike and My Next Challenge: Multnomah Falls”