More juicing with Joe … my thoughts

Joe Cross is mainly the inspiration for why I own one of these:

Our trusty Hamilton Beach juicer.
Our trusty Hamilton Beach juicer.

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Friday Night Movie Idea — Juicing Your Way Back to Health

TGIF! This is the first complete week of blogging for me. In celebration, let me refer you to a movie that on the surface sounds horrible, but I promise it will be a life-changing thing for you to watch. “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” is packed with inspiration. If you follow up nothing else on this blog, at least watch this movie, available at Amazon, iTunes, Hulu or Netflix for download, or purchase the DVD. It is available for free download for Amazon Prime members, as is “Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue” and “Forks Over Knives.” A trailer for the movie is on the site below. You may call the guy yourself after seeing it to have him coach you! Or, at the very least you will dig out your blender or juicer from the dark recesses of your kitchen cabinets and put it to use.

Watch the movie!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead