New Feature: Dinner and a Documentary

When we went plant-based, there were two things that needed to be a constant in life to keep with it: new recipes and inspiration from others. So occasionally on this blog I now will offer a recipe suggestion, either new or one from a previous blog post, along with a documentary recommendation to keep you inspired on your own health journey.   Continue reading “New Feature: Dinner and a Documentary”


Find Your Comfort Food: Vegan Recipe to Battle a Pizza Craving

I actually read the “find your comfort food tip” in this post at Seattle Vegan Score about thriving as a vegan. This tip goes perfectly with my new favorite comfort food. I have been craving pizza, though without the oil and cheese and assorted metric ton of calories in each slice of a traditional pizza. So here was the inspiration that struck me this week. Continue reading “Find Your Comfort Food: Vegan Recipe to Battle a Pizza Craving”