Don’t let the wind carry you away

A perfect meal for a windstorm when you could lose power at any minute.
A perfect meal for a windstorm when you could lose power at any minute.

So we had a windstorm the same day I’d planned to host a Meetup for a raw vegan group. Our friend Carol showed up (she lives within walking distance) so we had her vegan scalloped potatoes to go along with Happy Herbivore’s Chile Mole  and my rice/lentils tomatoes classic dish. No, it wasn’t a 100 percent raw meal, but it all sounded good on a blustery night. 

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Fall hikes and cooking

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. We have been taking what weekends we could to hike in the Northwest. Last weekend we hiked Latourell Falls outside of Portland.

Latourell Falls — Photo by Jim Cockrell
Latourell Falls — Photo by Jim Cockrell

Since we like to hike and eat, I’ve been working on recipes. The weather has been markedly colder, so today was Shepherd’s Pie. I look for as many shortcuts as possible with other people’s recipes, and it was this recipe that inspired me to do a different version. Continue reading “Fall hikes and cooking”

It’s a tea thing

Numi Savory Teas.
Numi Savory Teas. A new set of teas in our house I ordered through Amazon.

I wrote a post awhile back about sautéeing vegetables in broths and teas. I’d never thought about rice, but Numi teas gave me that idea with their new tea line of savory teas. They basically taste like variations on vegetable broth, and are pretty good.  Continue reading “It’s a tea thing”