Chocolate frosting from beans

IMG_1831This is lightning in a bottle … or frosting on your cake! Better than store-bought frosting and you won’t be able to tell the difference by taste. This cost me a grand total of 79 cents to make for the can of beans purchased. You can buy boxed packets of stevia for under $10. I use NuNaturals. Continue reading “Chocolate frosting from beans”


A new spin on Fiesta Salad and the magic of miso in dressings

Impromptu Fiesta Salad.
Impromptu Fiesta Salad.

It is now officially hot in the Northwest. Temps are hitting the 90s and today will have the added bonus of humidity. This salad used to be our go-to hot weather dish even before we went plant-based, and I’ve modified it beyond the old salad-with-a-bottle-of-Catalina-dressing version. Now it uses miso, and you would never know the difference! If you already have a salad made and a can of beans on hand, this comes together in a flash. Continue reading “A new spin on Fiesta Salad and the magic of miso in dressings”

Savory Oatmeal on Meatless Monday

Savory oatmeal.
Savory oatmeal.

You hear a lot of talk about “Meatless Monday” on social media. Here’s a different recipe that is plant-based and might inspire you to branch out and go meatless on your Monday … maybe for the first time ever. This recipe is affordable, quick, and so easy that you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen now.

Continue reading “Savory Oatmeal on Meatless Monday”

New Feature: Dinner and a Documentary

When we went plant-based, there were two things that needed to be a constant in life to keep with it: new recipes and inspiration from others. So occasionally on this blog I now will offer a recipe suggestion, either new or one from a previous blog post, along with a documentary recommendation to keep you inspired on your own health journey.   Continue reading “New Feature: Dinner and a Documentary”

Quick Turmeric Stir Fry


Turmeric, while making everything it touches yellow, also can be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. I’ve always added a healthy teaspoon to my breakfast smoothie, which also contains enough cocoa powder not to turn yellow, but using it with vegetables or tofu will give your dish a sunshine glow.  Continue reading “Quick Turmeric Stir Fry”

Quick and Easy Veggie Molé Chili

Great molé-inspired Mexican chili on a cold day.
Great molé-inspired Mexican chili on a cold day.

I’ve heard some call molé sauce the curry of Mexico. Maybe, but ever since I first had it with chicken (yes, a long time ago) I have loved the way it flavors Mexican meals. So, here’s a vegan chili version using my adaptation of the sauce. Guaranteed to make your home smell delicious when it’s on the stove! This comes together in about 10 minutes. Continue reading “Quick and Easy Veggie Molé Chili”