Whatever Happened to that Olive Garden Soup?

My soup for Olive Garden fans

A long time ago, Jim and I used to go to the Olive Garden for the soup and salad lunch special. I usually had soup and salad along with about 100 breadsticks. Anyway, there was a “Chicken Genovese” soup that came through for a test back in the day (say mid-1990s) that we loved. We only lucked into having it a few times, and then it vanished from the menu. Continue reading “Whatever Happened to that Olive Garden Soup?”


“But What Do You Eat?” The Answer May Surprise You

“But what do you eat?”

I’ve been asked that question more than once since switching to my plant-based, whole-food routine. My food list is not exotic. And sometimes I mix it up with Asian takeout and side dishes I make at home, such as what we did last night:



Continue reading ““But What Do You Eat?” The Answer May Surprise You”