The magical art of silence

I’m late to the party of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” The author already has written a sequel to her first book. Luckily, the quietude of our new surroundings (and the fact that exterior home improvement has to wait for a better month than January) is now allowing me to catch up with things I’ve meant to learn more about. This is Marie Kondo’s answer to excess: Toss almost everything and keep only what sparks joy (which may or may not spark joy tomorrow, so more stuff to toss). For many, it seems draconian. Really, it’s common sense. Her best advice is to start with culling your clothes and move up the chain of possession sentimentality; I actually think that’s smart because I lived it last year without even knowing I was practicing “KonMari.”  Continue reading “The magical art of silence”


My first few weeks with Fitbit

My Fitbit.
My Fitbit.

So I’m one of THOSE people now with wearable tech. My Fitbit Flex came as a prize for participating in a corporate wellness program. I walked evenings in the Pacific Northwest through October (think rain, cold, dark). But this was a nice perk to receive at the end of that. Continue reading “My first few weeks with Fitbit”

Don’t let the wind carry you away

A perfect meal for a windstorm when you could lose power at any minute.
A perfect meal for a windstorm when you could lose power at any minute.

So we had a windstorm the same day I’d planned to host a Meetup for a raw vegan group. Our friend Carol showed up (she lives within walking distance) so we had her vegan scalloped potatoes to go along with Happy Herbivore’s Chile Mole  and my rice/lentils tomatoes classic dish. No, it wasn’t a 100 percent raw meal, but it all sounded good on a blustery night. 

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The bean scene

IMG_1757Every week I prepare a slow-cooker’s worth of beans. Navy, pinto and black. I add half a bag of frozen pearl onions, two dashes of cumin and maybe chili powder if I want a more chili bean base. Otherwise, I will sprinkle in just garlic and onion powder. There was a time when cooking beans without ham was unheard of in this house. Continue reading “The bean scene”

Believe in the Food and Nature

Reaching Carter Falls, Mount Rainier, May, 2014.
Reaching Carter Falls, Mount Rainier, May, 2014.

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and, since Dr. McDougall is featuring me again as one of the success stories in his newsletter, I wanted to put up a new post for those just coming to my site for the first time. Welcome. I hope if you are suffering from the debilitating effects of RA that you will find inspiration in my blog. I also want to show I am proof positive that dietary changes work if you have an inflammatory/autoimmune disease. As Dr. McDougall likes to say: “It’s the food.” I would also emphasize it is nature. Both are powerful in healing.

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Walking A Rheumatoid Tightrope While Watching Renoir Paint

The floating Renoir on my screensaver.
The floating Renoir on my screensaver.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir is one of my favorite artists, going all the way back to when I first saw his paintings in the “art” section of my family’s set of encyclopedias. “Two Sisters on the Terrace” is one of the screensavers on my Mac, as seen above. He finished it in 1881, same year as “Luncheon of the Boating Party,” which was the featured work of art in the encyclopedia from my childhood.  Continue reading “Walking A Rheumatoid Tightrope While Watching Renoir Paint”

Rebooting with Joe: My Experience and How It Might Help You

Pears and apples ready for juicing.

I have mentioned “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” before in blog posts. If you have not seen the film, you can watch it at this link.

Joe Cross, who made the film and offered himself as a guinea pig for getting well from his own diseases by drinking raw juices, has his own huge online community offering support and recipes for juicing.

I decided after New Year’s to try a mini juice fast myself. Continue reading “Rebooting with Joe: My Experience and How It Might Help You”