That time when Sears was the everything store

Our trusty drill, bought at a Sears in the 1980s. Yes, it works beautifully and has helped assemble a lifetime of furniture and inserted many nails for wall hangings.

Do you remember the Sears Wish Book? Sears does. That’s why it reintroduced it online and in print for this year. You can read more about that hereContinue reading “That time when Sears was the everything store”


Keeping Plant-Based Shopping Simple

Chef AJ takes you on a Whole Foods Tour shopping plant-based, and it’s a great help to watch if you are just getting started with trying to eat a healthier diet. Continue reading “Keeping Plant-Based Shopping Simple”

It Pays to Pay Attention to Food Labels

So I am part of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. So far, it’s worked well to offload a lot of rudimentary shopping, so I don’t have to go for weekly store runs for toilet paper or hand soap. However, you may experience a manufacturer changing things when it comes to how a product is made, particularly a canned food item. Continue reading “It Pays to Pay Attention to Food Labels”