Inspiration from a Cold Day: Blended Harvest Soup in the Slow Cooker

See the magic happen! Vegetables still in crock on right, the blended version at left.
See the magic happen! Vegetables still in crock on right, the blended version at left.

Today is windy and cold at the house. I wanted a soup or stew that we could enjoy for a few days, and I also wanted to clean out the freezer a bit, which is filled with summer zucchini and squash bounty from neighbors. Continue reading “Inspiration from a Cold Day: Blended Harvest Soup in the Slow Cooker”


Second Verse, Same as the First

I used to think that locally sourced was some miracle way of eating meat. Never mind its actual nutritional content, buying free range or organic or whatever the label said or my meat-serving host told me was a way to make me think I was eating healthy. While you may be skipping chemical additives, locally sourced unfortunately still doesn’t make it broccoli to your body. Continue reading “Second Verse, Same as the First”

Hiking Multnomah Falls in Oregon

One of the “smaller” falls at Multnomah Falls park.

Yes, we did. That was my goal after completing some trails at Mount Rainier. Mind you, I’m coming back from years of inactivity, so the video below, when you see me hiking with my trekking poles, it’s because my knees feel way better after the hike when I use them. Continue reading “Hiking Multnomah Falls in Oregon”

Making a New Menu Plan Work

Herbs that I bought last week that I’ve yet to put in bigger pots. Maybe in July …

So my last post was all about rallying around the commitment, written as much for myself as for you. There are days where fasting actually would work better with my schedule, but I love to eat too much to take that on. I’ve had to fine-tune my ambitions for this plan. Continue reading “Making a New Menu Plan Work”

Plant-Based Diet in a Processed, Time-Squeezed World

Someone needs to go to the store.

For people whose lives are micromanaged down to the last minute, I totally get the convenience factor of fast food and microwave meals. I lived that for 40+ years. Decades of that existence for me were conveniently supported by an industry in tune with my needs. I now am in the minority of consumers in the United States whose trip to the grocery store consists of the produce aisle, the grains aisle and frozen section for only vegetables and fruit.  Continue reading “Plant-Based Diet in a Processed, Time-Squeezed World”