Recipe: A Quick Summer Tofu Treat

dipping cream
Strawberries in my tropical tofu cream.

Yes, I said tofu. That may not be the first thing you think about for a “summer treat,” but let me remind you, tofu is your dessert friend in a plant-based world. Silken or extra firm packed in water, you can take any kind, throw a chunk of it in the blender with some nondairy milk or water, some fruit and sweetening agent such as maple syrup or dates, and blend up a dip that is worthy of any fresh fruit. If you are planning a summer party, I promise your guests will love this, and it is ridiculously easy to make in just a few minutes. Continue reading “Recipe: A Quick Summer Tofu Treat”


Learning How to Shop for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

I discovered Jeff Novick when I started on my plant-based food journey. It is worth your time to¬†Google search about Jeff and learn more about him. At one time he worked for Kraft Foods, as did I. No, we did not work together. Continue reading “Learning How to Shop for a Plant-Based Lifestyle”